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Our solution against pesky varmints is loved by the hunting community. Today, we have an offer for you that will change the way you hunt.

Farmers and large landowners alike share one common issue: Wild and ruthless animals diggin' up crops and leaving a disastrous mess. We've heard stories of hogs completely destroying a farmer's backfield overnight leaving nothing but piles of dirt. This is simply unfair.

What's New?

We listened to your suggestions! We have finally developed the new PRO model capable of recording your shots within the device! At a competitive price, we have forged the most affordable night vision scope cameras on the market.

Varmints and hostile animals have been an issue for centuries. There just hasn't been a powerful solution. Well, now there is. With the HuntCam Kit, we guarantee you this is the last piece of equipment you will ever need to spend a penny on to protect your land and save you money.

You will never have to worry about losing revenue from crop destruction, or spending your valued time and energy on repairing your precious land ever again.

 Why HuntCam?

New Recording Capability — Record every shot with the PRO kit and upload it for friends and family to see!

✔ Finally Get Rid of Those Pesky Varmints — Not only is shooting varmints at night easier because they let their guard down, but you will also see results within a couple of days as they start to not mess with your land anymore!

✔ Keep your property safe and secure — Sleep with ease knowing that you own a piece of advantageous military-level technology that will keep your land and family safe. Spot intruders or hostile animals at night and put your shots on target with ease.

Enable yourself to hunt 24/7 — Not only does it work during nightfall, but with a single flick, you can change it to daytime mode! You won't let another doe run off again!

✔ Invisible Stealth IR Light — The infrared light attached is only visible on your screen. You can see them but they can't see you... True stealth.

✔ Proudly AMERICAN! — We ensure that each unit is crafted with the highest quality and meticulously inspected.

Take it out for plinking, hunting, or even with the family. The HuntCam Kit is perfect for novice shooters. Teach new shooters to properly zero a scope and easily adapt for projectile drop physics. There are endless possibilities with our device, with all the power you need, it is up to you how you want to use it.

Now you can post your scope footage onto social media and show off your pinpoint accuracy by recording with our new video and photo abilities.





Since the infrared is invisible to naked eyes, you get complete stealth in the dark without alerting your game. Look into the screen at night and you will see pairs of glowing varmint eyes in the dark giving you the easiest shots.

Forget about rat poison and sound decoys for your farm. Those are just temporary solutions for nasty varmints. Besides, they cost too much and it's a long setup process.
With the HuntCam Kit, you can attach the most powerful piece of equipment for the best tool you are most familiar with. Your boomstick! Show those intrusive animals who actually own the land.

You won’t ever go home miserably disappointed again.

Our product offers a crucial advantage for those depending on hunting as their main source of food. Come home a proud hunter every night! Never let another animal walk away from your plate.

We can go on and on about how we can make your life better. But we choose not to. Instead, we want to offer you a choice to join the community of HuntCam’s hunters and experience it for yourself.


Make a Change For Yourself Today. Our Offer Expires Soon. Take Advantage of the Low Price Before Our Sale Ends.

We're So Confident in Our New Kit That if You Don't Find It Useful, You Can Return it Straight Back To Us For Your Money Back!

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Disclaimer: Only the Pro Model has video recording and photography capabilities. The Classic model only has our baseline night vision ability.


1) What kind of recoil can this device handle?

We recommend using it up to .30-06 caliber. Make sure it is mounted securely as per the instructions.

2) Will it fit on a 40mm scope?

It comes with a camera mount tube that can fit scopes up to 30mm-45mm diameter.  

3) How far can you see in total darkness?

You can see up to 100-300 yards with the infrared light on in total darkness.

4)  My scope doesn't have an objective lens. Will I still be able to get a clear picture? It's a 3-9-50 Leupold scope.

The camera will see exactly what your eyes see's, so yes it will work.

5) Does it come with instructions? 


6) What batteries will I need and is it included?

Batteries are not included in the order unless you add "[🔋 + 🔌]" to cart separately. We suggest you get an extra pack of batteries as well to get more runtime while outdoors. It uses 18650 3.7V Batteries.

7) Where is it shipped out from?

We have multiple warehouses across North America, Europe and East Asia. Orders are shipped according to the destination and availability at our warehouses.

8) How long does it take to arrive?

Most orders are delivered within 4-14 business days with free shipping. Visit our shipping information page for more information. Click here.

9) Does it come with a guarantee/warranty?

HuntCam™ Night Vision IR Camera Scope Setup comes with 30-day replacement guarantee for any hardware issues/defects. Contact us on email/phone for any problem with your order.

10) Can it be returned if I don't like it?

Please contact us within 7 days after delivery if you feel it's not a good fit for you. We'll help you send it back.

11) Is the flashlight a regular torchlight?

The flashlight is infrared and is not visible to the naked eyes. It is not a regular flashlight. You may only see a warm red glow to indicate that the light is on.

12) Is it safe to accept packages during the CORONA VIRUS (COVID-19) pandemic?

There is no evidence to suspect that packages can transmit coronavirus.  However, We are still ensuring that all necessary steps are being taken by the postal service to quarantine and sanitize the packages before being delivered. Remember, this is a respiratory virus similar to the flu. We don't stop sending packages during the flu season. We should follow that same logic for the virus that causes COVID-19. You can read more about the COVID-19 here: health.harvard.edu/covid-19

APRIL 2020 - COVID-19 UPDATE: We are currently able to ship worldwide. Some packages might experience a minor delay due to flight cancellations and lockdown in some regions. Most packages are delivered within 7-14 business days.

These are difficult times, times like no other.
Never before, have communities stayed apart to stay safe.



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Standard Free Shipping: 5-15 business days

 Priority Shipments: 3-7 Business Days to United States.



Due to the recent COVID 19 Pandemic, there may be a lengthened delay between delivery times. Thank you for everyone's patience.



All orders will be usually be dispatched from our warehouse within 3 business days. In peak periods (CHRISTMAS MONTH), please allow for up to 17 business days for dispatch.


We have multiple warehouses across North America, Europe and East Asia. Orders are shipped according to the destination and availability at our warehouses.

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